The Mapping Wiki
The Mapping Wiki
The Mapping Wiki has an array of portals showcasing the great series that mapping has to offer. These are those portals:
Mapperdonia proudly sports many different mappers and communities. The Mapping Wiki is proud to sort through this array of content and give them a ranking using the statistics provided concerning them. These are some of our best, most up-to-date rankings:
The mapping myriad that anyone can edit.

The Mapping Wiki is an archive of information of everything related to mapping as a medium and a community. Our goal is to one day hold every minute detail about mapping possible.


The very first piece of mapping content was uploaded to YouTube by MervueMeringue on July 7, 2008. Since then, mapping has branched out into numerous genres and has a community filled with communities with thousands of mappers.

A distinction must be established between historical mapping and fictional mapping, which focus on retelling/mapping out real-life events and on creating alternative stories respectively. Historical series garner more widespread attention and arguably contributes more to society as a whole, yet the latter has a much deeper and richer history, and the majority of the wiki is dedicated to fictional mapping as a result.


If you're unsure where to start, try writing about yourself. Detail your history in the community and your own take on mapping. Branch out from there.

Learn the basics of mapping, and improve to become one of the greats!

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Watch work by other mappers, and apply it to your own style!

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Find characters in countries, and discover how to craft your own plot!

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Get to know other mappers, and truly connect to the community!

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If you really can't think of anything to do, you may as well leave it up to chance.


The Mapping Wiki aims to create complete databases on some of the most influential and story-heavy mapping series of all time. Projects based around completing a certain series are co-ordinated on our Discord server. Each project has its own checklist, which contains a full list of the pages and how developed they are. Here are our current ongoing projects:


The Mapping Wiki is dedicated to recording all knowledge directly related to mapping, fictional and historical, as a medium and a community. However, the wiki does not lend itself to cartography as a whole. Mappers often take a keen interest in map games, official nations, and politics, yet these subjects do not need to be fully covered, only to the extent that they relate to mapping.


The Mapping Wiki is far from the only wiki themed around mapping. There are other mapping-based wikis, some of which focus on a subsection of Mapperdonia and others focus on foreign-language mapping communities. Click on a wiki's logo to go there!

The BMC Wiki.png The BMC Wiki is the official wiki of Brazilian's Mapping Chat as well as Brazilian Mapping. CoM.jpeg Community of Mappers Wiki is the official wiki of Community of Mappers. Polski Mapping Wiki.png Polski Mapping Wiki is the number one database on the Polish-speaking section of the mapping community.
CMWlogo.png Mapperská Wiki is the number one database on the Czech/Slovak-speaking section of the mapping community. Zealandia.jpg Zealandia Mapping Wiki is the official wiki of Zealandia Mapping.

In addition, The Mapping Wiki is partnered with Ballmedia, an organisation focused on polandball-related wikis. Check them out!


The Mapping Wiki was founded on April 24, 2018, by YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge and Imperialis, to be a quality database for new and old mappers to get information. There are currently 1,536 pages on the wiki, and there have been 33,336 edits.

The Mapping Wiki is owned by Sabyrcus. It is administrated by YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge, Imperialis, Ferum, TheDarkBomber and RexoSwitcher, and moderated by Erodrium and Cantonese.

If you would like to apply for staff, contact us via our Discord server or apply using this form.