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Not to be confused with any other iterations of The Mapping Community.

The Mapping Community, sometimes called The Second Mapping Community also abbreviated as TMC, was an inter-platform mapping community that specialized in mapping. It was created after a merger by Mapperverse and The Mapping Union by CheezeWafflz Mapping, Saphirkartierung, Platine, and Ankhor on November 21, 2017. It was deleted on December 3rd, 2018, due to massive raids from The Mapping Discord.


Deletion of The Mapping Community

Following Super LV leaving Mapping; Platine attempted to take control of TMC by declaring a "military junta". Despite his efforts, The First Mapping Community would be deleted on October 10th, 2017.

Platine would attempt to succeed The Mapping Community with The Mapping Union. Later, the owners of The Mapping Union, and Mapperverse would merge to form the Second Mapping Community.

December 3 Raids

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On the 22nd of November, 2018, Colonial resigned from his Rotative Mod position[1]. Two minutes later, before his role was officially removed, he pinged everyone multiple times to advertise a fake TMC. This would set up tensions between the real community and the fake. Galack resigned the following day, leaving Plakeland and Sapphire as owners[2].

On the 1st of December, 2018, Sapphire, against all protocol, promoted Valor directly to Moderator. This was, allegedly, in order to prank Caesar[‌citation needed‌]. Valor still kept this position.

On the 3rd of December 2018, Diamel went online. He, along with Ankhor and Colonial, utilised peer pressure to get Valor to give them moderator permissions. TMC was destroyed and nuked within minutes. After realising this, instead of giving it critical thought, Sapphire reflexively deleted the Discord. The worst mistake he ever made however, was him subsequently deleting the Google+, which was never raided. This one mistake meant that TMC couldn't utilise that secondary platform, which had over 1500 members[3], as a foundation to rebuild the next TMC Discord. It would never recover to the size it was.

After the "Final Raids", also known as 3/12, Georgios Andreou, started an open letter to The Mapping Community's killers, condemning their actions. Later, he would go on to say he only started the letter as not to be rude, and he was actually happy it happened, since it meant the Diarchy would become the largest non-channel mapping community.