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Three Worlds is an Alternate History of the World (but branded as an 'Alternate History of the Cold War') made by Federation Mapper. It takes place in a world where the Third Reich wins the Second World War, but undergoes a complete reform after Erwin Rommel assassinates Adolf Hitler and proclaims the New German Reich. Germany, the Soviet Union and the United States of America emerge from the war as the three world superpowers, and the series follows a three-way cold war between those powers. The series began on March 25th, 2020 and ended on June 22nd, 2020 with the finale of Season 1. A second season was started, but ultimately cancelled and taken down due to Federation Mapper losing interest.


For a complete timeline of the series, see Timeline of Events (Three Worlds).


The series begins in Europe in 1944, with Nazi Germany and the Axis Powers having conquered most of Europe and having surrounded the city of Moscow. The Battle of Moscow results in an Axis victory but before the Soviet Union can surrender, Erwin Rommel assassinates Adolf Hitler and overthrows the Nazi regime, proclaiming the New German Reich. The war ends immediately after.

Cold War

The series flashes forward to 1954, ten years after the end of the war. The world's borders have been completely redrawn, and some countries have let go of their colonies. Germany, the Soviet Union and the United States of America have established themselves as the world's three superpowers, and now see each other as rivals on the world stage. The United States, France and the United Kingdom, along with a few other countries, have set up an alliance known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). However, France leaves the alliance in 1955 to form closer ties with Germany. Relations also deteriorate between the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China (PRC), who have now won the Chinese Civil War and conquered all of China (with the exception of the island of Taiwan, which is now controlled by the Republic of China (ROC).


In 1955, the New Axis alliance is formed by Germany, Austria and France. This alliance quickly expands by invading the nations of Italy, Spain and Croatia and overthrowing their fascist governments. The Soviet Union forms its own alliance, the Napoli Pact, with various European nations. Europe at this stage was pretty much divided up between the New Axis and the Napoli Pact, and a war between the two alliances began in 1958 after the Napoli Pact began an invasion of Poland and Romania. The war ends in a decisive victory for the New Axis, with the Napoli Pact being dissolved and many communist regimes coming to an end. However, the Soviet Union survives despite losing territory and turns to focus on Asia, forming the Indo-Soviet Alliance with India. Both countries establish a larger sphere of influence by invading their neighbors.

The Fall of Giants

After a revolution in Burma, the country becomes allied to both Germany and a recently rearmed Japan. The three countries, along with the ROC, prepare for an invasion of the PRC. This invasion is put forward after the Indo-Soviet Alliance declares war on the PRC and their allies in 1962. The PRC collapses under the pressure of being invaded by both alliances, and is replaced with the ROC. In 1963, Mexico (which is now a strong fascist nation that owns all of Central America) establishes the Synarchist Pact with Brazil and Argentina. Tension between Mexico and the United States regarding the United States's segregation laws erupt into an all out war between NATO and the Synarchist Pact, resulting in the United States losing a lot of territory to Mexico and abolishing their segregation laws. However, the United States is able to influence the Mexican population to reform Mexico into a democratic nation and NATO merges with the Synarchist Pact in 1967.

World War III

Main article: World War III (Three Worlds)

In 1968, the Soviet Union sparks a third World War by invading Ukraine and Belarus. The Cordon Sanitaire (an alliance consisting of Poland and Romania which later merges with the New Axis) and the New Axis join the war on the side of Ukraine and Belarus. NATO joins the war as a third side. Spain and France are quickly overrun by NATO by the end of the year. In 1969, Austria collapses due to attacks from the Soviet Union, which demoralizes Germany. However, the New Axis gain a lot of new support in East Asia as well as the Nordic countries, which defect from NATO after the United Kingdom invades neutral Sweden. NATO's strength becomes crippled when the four American members all leave the alliance due to the invasion of Sweden. The Soviets are also crippled after Germany drops a nuke on their nation and an anti-communist rebellion starts up in India. In desperation, the Indo-Soviet Alliance merges with NATO, but even this is unable to stop the New Axis, who win the war in 1971. The Soviet Union is dissolved and borders are redrawn across the world. The series flashes forward 33 years and ends with the reformation of Austria in 2004.

List of Episodes

View counts were last updated on October 13th, 2020.

No. Name Date Uploaded View count
0 Prologue March 25th, 2020 16,663
1 The New Axis March 29th, 2020 28,920
2 A Threat Close to Home April 2nd, 2020 37,589
3 Resistance April 9th, 2020 28,373
4 A Tale of Two Communists April 29th, 2020 17,007
5 Requiem for a Dream May 6th, 2020 24,121
6 Vengeance May 24th, 2020 15,862
7.1 Red Scars May 27th, 2020 17,640
7.2 Disappointment June 20th, 2020 16,292
7.3 The Last Ride June 22nd, 2020 17,168
Movie Three Worlds:The Movie August 4th, 2020 93,653


The series became one of 2020's largest mapping series and earned Federation Mapper thousands of new fans. However, more critical viewers criticised the visuals and plot which influenced Federation to cancel season 2 of the series in favour of higher quality series such as Kaiserin.