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This is a page for the timeline of events in Eradiate's Alternate Future of Europe.


  • After several protests, Denmark grants Greenland independence under the condition that free trade between the two was guaranteed.
  • Libyan rebels in Abu Kammash, Tripoli, and Tobruk rebel against the government.


  • Libya surrenders unconditionally to the rebels, and a pro-rebel regime is installed in Libya.
  • Lithuania offers the prospect of a Baltic Union to Latvia and Estonia. Latvia accepts, while Estonia does not.
  • Lithuania-Latvia is formed.


  • Morocco secures and exercises full dominance over Western Sahara.
  • Hejaz declares independence from Saudi Arabia. The Saudis invade Hejaz immediately.


  • Jordan supports Saudi Arabia and declares war on Hejaz.
  • Hejaz surrenders and is incorporated back into Saudi Arabia.
  • The Czech Republic requests a union with Slovakia. Despite showing initial resistance, Slovakia decides to hold a referendum on the situation. It passes.
  • Czechoslovakia is formed.


  • A military coup in Greece succeed, and Graxum is formed.
  • After a little debate, Moldova willingly is annexed by Romania.
  • Graxum sends an ultimatum to Cyprus to be annexed into it. Cyprus refuses, and Graxum declares war.
  • Graxum invades and fully annexes Cyprus.


  • Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Romania invade Ukraine.
  • Belarus declares war on Ukraine.


  • Ukraine surrenders to the coalition, who all occupy various Ukrainian territory. Halych is formed.


  • Egypt declares war on New Tripoltania.
  • New Tripoltania asks for help against Eygpt.
  • Graxum immediately declares war on Egypt.
  • Egypt surrenders to Graxum and New Tripoltania.
  • Graxum installs a Graxine colony government into Egypt.
  • Graxum declares war on New Tripoltania.
  • New Tripoltania surrenders to Graxum and is annexed into Graxine Egypt, which becomes Graxine North Africa.


  • Germany and Austria unite into Austro-Germania.
  • Graxum offers to buy East Thrace from Turkey for a generous amount. After initial resistance, the Turks accept on the premise that the Turkish people will be an accepted minority.


  • Saudi Arabia blames Iraq for an attempted assassination on the Salman, and declares war.
  • Jordan and the U.A.E. support Saudi Arabia, while Iran and Oman support Iraq.
  • Hejaz declares independence again and supports Iraq.
  • The borders of the Middle East are redrawn in favor of Iraq's allies.


  • Communist rebels in Spain rebel against the government.
  • The Canary Islands declare independence.
  • The communist rebels fully take over Spain, and form Ardumus.
  • Graxum offers an alliance with Ardumus, after proving it knew Ardumus' secret code.
  • Ukraine and Russia declare war on Belarus and Halych, dragging Poland into the conflict.
  • Czechoslovakia declares war on Ukraine and Belarus.
  • Lithuania-Latvia declares war on Belarus, Poland, Halych, and Czechoslovakia.


  • Austro-Germania declares war on Belarus, Poland, Halych, and Czechoslovakia.
  • Belarus' allies surrender. Ukraine's allies annex various border territories.
  • Czechoslovakia is dissolved into Moravia and Slovakia.


  • Latvia declares independence from Lithuania-Latvia, leaving Lithuania alone.
  • Ukraine and Lithuania unite into the Ukrainian-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
  • Ardumus declares war on, and annexes the Canaries.
  • Kyrgyzstan is willingly annexed into Kazakhstan.


  • Graxum and Ardumus discuss a future invasion of Austro-Germania.
  • Dalmatia declares independence from Croatia. Croatia immediately invades Dalmatia.
  • Hungary supports Dalmatia and declares war on Croatia.
  • Croatia grants independence to Dalmatia.


  • Graxum declares war on Albania.
  • In exchange for an immediate ceasefire, Albania cedes Northern Epirus to Graxum.


  • The United Kingdom, France, Austro-Germania, and Italy form a secret coalition in the event that Graxum or Ardumus becomes too dangerous.


  • Estonia is willingly annexed into Finland.
  • Graxum invades and annexes Malta.
  • Austro-Germania threatens Graxum to stop its aggressive foreign policy.


  • Russia demands Latgale from Latvia, who refuses. Ukraine-Lithuania backs up Latvia. Russia then declares war on the pair of them.


  • Latvia and Ukraine-Lithuania surrender, and are annexed by Russia. Byelorussia and the Kievan Republic are formed.


  • Ardumus invades and fully occupies Tunisia.
  • Ardumus offers Tunisia in its entirety to Italy in exchange for a non-aggression pact with it and Graxum. They accept, and Italian Tunisia is formed.


  • Graxum offers an alliance with Russia, who considers it.


  • Russia offers Carpathian Ruthenia to Slovakia in exchange for military access and a non-aggression pact. Slovakia accepts.


  • Revolutionaries in Saudi Arabia rebel against the government.
  • The revolutionaries win, and the Arabian Republic is formed.


  • Niger and Chad unite into Niger-Chad.
  • Austro-Germania offers a secret coalition with Poland due to Russia's increasing aggression. After some initial hesitation, Poland accepts.


  • Russia annexes Byeloryssua.
  • Iran declares war on Azerbaijan, and after winning the war, occupies various border territory.
  • Iran reforms into the Iranian Empire.


  • Graxum declares war on Turkey.
  • Austro-Germania and France declare war on Graxum. Ardumus declares war on the coalition.
  • Poland and the United Kingdom join the coalition. Russia joints Graxum and Ardumus.
  • Turkey surrenders to Graxum and Russia. The Turkish Governorate is formed.
  • Sudan surrenders to Graxum, and is incorporated into Graxine North Africa.


  • Ardumus declares war on Portugal.
  • India declares war on the coalition.


  • Graxum annexes Albania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria.
  • Ardumus annexes Portugal.
  • Graxum colonizes Syria, forming Graxine Syria.


  • Graxum leaks the Cure For Death to Austro-Germania, causing the government to collapse in a mad power vacuum to obtain the cure. The South German Confederation, Bohemia, Austria and the Neo-German Empire are formed in the aftermath of the cure being revealed.
  • Graxum forms a puppet state in the Balkans named Graxine Yugoslavia.
  • Germany is liberated by the coalition.


  • Poland surrenders.
  • Ardumus sends Morocco an ultimatum for Western Sahara and its northern coast. Morocco accepts. Ardumian Sahara is formed.


  • The United Kingdom exits the war.
  • All coalition countries aside France are occupied.


  • France surrenders, ending the Third World War.
  • The Treaty of Thessaloniki is signed and ratified.
  • Russia reforms into the Eurasian Union.


  • Catalan Nationalists in Ardumus are silenced shortly after rebelling.
  • The United Kingdom secretly guarantees Italy's independence.


  • Kazakhstan willingly joins the Eurasian Union.


  • The Lyon Agreement is signed and ratified.
  • Eurasia invades Bohemia. It united Bohemia and Moravia into Czechia.


  • Eurasia dissolves the Northern Occupation Zone into Iceland, Norway, and Denmark.


  • Iran sends an ultimatum to Azerbaijan to join it. Eurasia offers to aid Azerbaijan under the condition that they surrender their sovereignty and become a Eurasian satellite state. Azerbaijan reluctantly accepts.
  • Iran declares war on Azerbaijan, and thus Eurasia and its two other satellites Czechia and Finland declare war on Iran.
  • The Arabian Republic declares war on Iran.


  • The Arabian Republic pulls out of the war.
  • The Iranian Empire surrenders to the Eurasian Union. Tabaristan and Baluchistan are formed, and the Iranian Empire reforms into the Iranian Union.


  • Algeria declares war on Morocco.
  • Ardumus declares war on Morocco.
  • Morocco surrenders to Ardumus and Algeria.


  • Ardumus releases Occupied France as France.
  • The Eurasian Union disobeys the Treaty of Thessaloniki and breaks up Occupied Germany into many smaller states.


  • Denmark declares war on, and invades Schleswig-Holstein.
  • The Treaty of Flensburg is signed and ratified. Holstein is formed.
  • Brandenburg and Silesia declare war on Posen. Posen quickly falls.
  • The Treaty of Cottbus is signed and ratified.


  • Sweden declares war on Pomerania.
  • Brandenburg declares war on Pomerania.
  • The Treaty of Gothemburg is signed and ratified.


  • The United Kingdom and Italy offer an alliance with France. The French decline.
  • France invades and annexes Saar, agreed upon during the Treaty of Nancy.
  • France reforms into the French Empire.


  • Italy agrees to sell South Tyrol to Austria under the condition that they sign an alliance with it and the United Kingdom. The Vienna Pact is formed.


  • Croatia rises up against Graxum. Bosnia and Serbia follow soot. The Balkan Uprising begins.
  • Hungary joins the war as an independent faction, yet leaves almost immediately.


  • Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia surrender.
  • The Treaty of Istria is signed and ratified.


  • France invades Palatinate.
  • The South German Confederation signs a deal with France that Palatinate will be the final French expansion into German land.


  • Ardumus breaks its alliance with Graxum.
  • Graxum embargoes Ardumus.


  • Graxum declares war on Hungary.


  • Hungary surrenders to Graxum.
  • The Treaty of Zagreb is signed and ratified. Hungaria is formed.


  • India reforms into the Aryan Union.
  • The Aryan Union declares war on Pakistan.
  • Baluchistan declares war on Pakistan.


  • Pakistan surrenders to the Aryan Union and Baluchistan.


  • The Treaty of Islamabad is signed and ratified.


  • The Eurasian Union demands that Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan join it. They accept, and the Astana Concord is signed and ratified.


  • Brandenburg declares war on Magdeburg and Anhalt.
  • The South German Confederation declares war on Brandenburg. Saxony and Mecklenburg follow soot.


  • Mecklenburg suggests a ceasefire with Brandenburg, which is accepted. The Treaty of Schwerin is signed and ratified. However, the war with Saxony and South Germany continues.
  • The French Empire declares war on the South German Confederation.


  • The South German Confederation surrenders.
  • The Treaty of Munich is signed and ratified. Wurttemberg and Bavaria are formed as satellite states of the French Empire.


  • Graxum sends an ultimatum to Romania for Dobruja. It is accepted, yet Romania is highly displeased.
  • Ardumus declares war on Mauritania.
  • Mauritania surrenders.
  • The Treaty of Nouakchott is signed and ratified. Ardumian Sahara becomes Ardumian West Africa.


  • Graxum offers an alliance with France. After some reluctance, they accept.


  • Graxum demands Slovakia cede Subcarpathia to its satellite state Hungary. Slovakia refuses and Eurasia backs up Slovakia. Eventually, however, Eurasia concedes, and forces Slovakia to accept.


  • Brandenburg invites all German nations to unify with it and recreate a German state. Brandenburg, Silesia, the Rhenish Republic, Thuringia, and Hamburg unite to form North Germany, with Oldenburg and Lunenburg becoming satellite states of it.


  • Graxum annexes its Balkan satellite states.
  • Baluchistan willingly joins the Aryan Union under the condition that it is granted high autonomy.


  • North Germany requests Mecklenburg to join it. Mecklenburg politely declines.
  • North Germany declares war on Mecklenburg.
  • Mecklenburg surrenders, and is annexed by North Germany.


  • France and Graxum declare war on Israel, Palestine and Jordan.
  • The United Kingdom refuses a call to arms from Israel.
  • Israel, Palestine and Jordan surrender to France and Graxum.
  • France creates a colony, French Levant, from the previous territory of Israel, Palestine, and Jordan.


  • Iraq declares war on Kuwait.
  • The Arabian Republic declares war on Iraq.
  • Iraq and the Arabian Republic sign a white peace.


  • Graxum declares war on Romania.
  • The Eurasian Union declares war on Romania, but as a separate side.
  • Romania surrenders.
  • The Treaty of Chisinau is signed and ratified. Moldavia is formed, and Hungaria unites with the remaining territory of Romania to form Hungary-Transylvania.


  • Ardumus gives the Cure For Death to the Eurasian Union.


  • North Germany once again requests for all German states to join it. Hanover and Brunswick refuse, and thus North Germany declares war on the pair.
  • France joins the war on an independent side.
  • North Germany demands that France cease their occupation of Darmstadt. France refuses, and North Germany swears revenge.


  • North Germany joins the United Kingdom's coalition against France.


  • Graxum declares war on Iraq. France quickly joins.
  • Kurdistan declares independence from Iraq.
  • The Eurasian Union asks Iran for military access, to stop Graxum from gaining access to the Persian Gulf. This request is denied.
  • Eurasia joins the war as an independent side. However, Graxum outraces Eurasia to the Persian Gulf anyway.
  • The Treaty of Amman is signed and ratified. Graxine Syria reforms into Graxine Mesapotamia.


  • France begins building up its troops on its borders with Switzerland and Monaco.
  • Italy offers a position in the coalition to both Switzerland and Monaco. Monaco accepts, while Switzerland declines. The United Kingdom offers to guarantee Switzerland's independence anyway.
  • The Eurasian Union offers for Kurdistan to become a satellite state. They accept.


  • The Danish satellite state Holstein requests that it is allowed to break away from Denmark and join North Germany. Denmark declines, and Holstein declares war on Denmark.
  • North Germany threatens Denmark to accept Holstein's request with a threat of war if they do not. Denmark accepts.


  • Graxum and France declare war on Switzerland. The United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, North Germany, Ardumus, and Eurasia declare war on Graxum and France. World War Four begins.
  • North Germany and Eurasia invade Bavaria.
  • Switzerland surrenders to France.


  • Kurdistan surrenders.
  • Belgium surrenders.
  • Eurasia liberates Iraq and Kurdistan.


  • Graxum and France invade Italy.
  • The United Kingdom invades Normandy and begins pushing into French territory.


  • Austria surrenders.


  • Italy surrenders.
  • Graxum leaks the fact that the Eurasian Union has the Cure For Death. Rebels and Polish separatists form immediately across the Union, and Finland revokes being a satellite state of Eurasia, declaring war on Eurasia as a separate side.


  • The Eurasian Union collapses and is replaced by Greater Russia.


  • Ardumus buys military and naval access from Algeria.
  • Graxum declares war on Algeria.


  • North Germany surrenders.
  • The United Kingdom unsuccessfully asks France to betray Graxum.


  • Algeria surrenders.
  • Graxine Morocco is established.
  • Ardumus gives the United Kingdom the Cure For Death.


  • Ardumus is occupied.