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Obradovski is a former mapper. During his time as a mapper he remained mainly small and insignificant making mediocore mapping videos. He has had peaks in influence through his time as a mapper but is influence has fallen flat, most likely never to rise again. He contineus to run a discord server but it has generally separated from mapping.



Obradovski got into mapping via 2 people. Cameron, a friend of his, who had told him about Polandball while playing the game back in 2014-early 2015. And a Serbian named Vuk, now known as Earl Is Here, he showed him comics and showed him Serbian memes like Remove Kebab. His entry into the mapping community happened via watching mappers like MultiMapping (whom he found via Polandball). He spent a lot of his time 2014–2015 on the amateur coding site Scratch, and that's where he started his "Career". He made a few political parodies and some countryball videos. His first real "mapping" video was "Afoe #1. the start of a civil war" which as a series was scrapped not long after due to Obrad realising it was a pile of garbage.

He continued with the low quality political parodies, the odd mapping video, and speed arts. Until he met a user named Markoscream Mapper sometime around Oct 23, 2016. Obrad and Marko became good friends and Marko had began drawing up plans to create a community named The Black Star Mapping Federation, Obrad soon grew fond of the idea and Marko allowed him to help bring his idea into fruition. On Dec 10, 2016 the BSMF's promotional video was released marking the start of the BSMF officially. Marko was the owner and Obrad his loyal second in command (co-owner).