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ULTRAMAN MAPPING FICTION & HISTORY, usually referred to as Ultraman, also known as Polish Bat, who operated under the alternative accounts Michael Does Mapping and Anthox Mapper, is a former ironic mapper and Google Plus He is most known for his leadership of the Bats from mid-2017 to early-2018,

The true identity of Ultraman remains a mystery. He allegedly descends from either Canadian[1], Albanian[2], or Irish[3] roots, however, the former is more commonly accepted to be factual. It is likely, however, that Ultraman has an alternative account that maps due to Ultraman's content's ironic nature.

Despite mapping and being active in The First Mapping Community as early as October 30, 2016[‌citation needed‌], Ultraman only began raiding it in the spring of 2017. A few months later, he began to organize hundreds of raiders known as the Bats, which he led against TMC, Countryball Universe, Mapper's Marine Corps and a plethora of smaller Google Plus Communities.

Ultraman's mapping content takes a back seat to his raiding activity, yet he received an audience, mainly from mappers who were aware of his raiding activity. He received mainly negative and ironic feedback[4][5][6] and some fringe support from bellow Bats.

Ultraman, and the Bats as a whole, were the largest group of raiders in the history of Mapperdonia during their prime in early 2018 with an estimated 200 members, composing anywhere from 5-10% of mappers on Google Plus at the time. Ultraman is likely the single most infamous individual in the history of Mapperdonia, giving birth to the Ironic Evil mindset and legitimizing raiding against mapping communities across all platforms.

Online Activity

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Drama with EmperorTigerstar

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Ultraman created his first account on March 31, 2016[7], yet uploaded his first video, AFOE - EP 1 - MOROCCO AND FRANCE RISE, on September 25 later that year, to deconstructive negative reviews[8]. Within 24 hours, he had gained recognition throughout Mapperdonia, with the majority of mappers still being unaware of whether or not he was ironic.

The same day, EmperorTigerstar uploaded a rant of Ultraman Mapping, which itself was a spoof of a popular YouTuber Pyrocinical. It was met with support, giving Ultraman even more negative attention.

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