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Europe is now in flames. This is my chance. They've all wronged me. It's about time I returned the favor. It's about time for a new order in the world. The Ukrainian dream is finally being realized. This is going to be beautiful.
~ Ukrainian Empire, 2100

Ukraine, later known as the Ukrainian Empire, was the main antagonist of Korean Mapping's Alternate Future of Europe. It was a nationalist state in Europe which dominated European politics in the 21st century, It was commonly viewed as the most powerful country in the world.


1990-2017: Background

On 16 July 1990, the new parliament adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine. This established the principles of the self-determination, democracy, independence, and the priority of Ukrainian law over Soviet law. A month earlier, a similar declaration was adopted by the parliament of the Russian SFSR. This started a period of confrontation with the central Soviet authorities. On 24 August 1991 the Ukrainian parliament adopted the Act of Independence.

A referendum and the first presidential elections took place on 1 December 1991. More than 90% of the electorate expressed their support for the Act of Independence, and they elected the chairman of the parliament, Leonid Kravchuk as the first President of Ukraine. At the meeting in Brest, Belarus on 8 December, followed by the Alma Ata meeting on 21 December, the leaders of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine dissolved the Soviet Union. On 26 December 1991 the Council of Republics of the USSR Supreme Council declared the existence of the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Soviet Union was dissolved, the Soviet flag was lowered over the Kremlin, and Ukraine gained independence.

However, it was to be interrupted by the Orange Revolution in 2004, and then in 2014, the Russian invasion of Crimea. This set back Ukrainian progress for the next three years until the series began.

2018-2021: Nationalist Surge

In 2018, the Ukrainian government makes a deal with the National Alliance Party of Latvia, which gave them the support to help their plans for world domination, and convinced Ukraine to work with him.

In 2019, the Russian Federation released multiple states and attempted to amend its relationships with former Soviet bloc nations in an attempt to adopt a more pacifist policy. From this, Ukraine annexed Crimea and the war in the Donbass was resolved. Many countries welcomed this change, but Ukraine considered it to be an opportunity for expansion and thus took advantage of Russia. After converting his government to an authoritarian state, Ukraine invaded and annexed Rostov-on-don in 2021, which had been released by Russia only two years prior. Seeing this, the United Kingdom and France began monitoring Ukraine's actions, but avoided direct conflict in fear of inciting protest within their own nations.

2022-2043: Expansion and Conquest

After 5 years of relative silence, Ukraine expands once again, this time invading Moldova. However, this time, France is forced to stay silent, due to protests after intervening in the invasion of Rostov-on-don. Romania tries to save Moldova, however, Moldova advises them to not intervene. After this, the Ukrainian government plots it's next move, this time much more ambitious. He tries to frame Belarus for attempted murder of the Polish prime minister, and joins the war on the Belarusian side. However, this backfires, as Romania joins the war on the Polish side for previous tensions involving Moldova. In the war, Lithuania and Estonia fall to the State of Latvia, as does Kaliningrad. After this, Hungary joins the war, due to Subcarpathian rebels being genocided by the Ukrainian government. Ukraine manages to convince Bulgaria to join the war, and this again backfires, as the Western Balkan nations, led by Serbia, are able to force Bulgaria to surrender. Belarus surrenders, and realises that it was Ukraine that started the entire war. By 2043, Ukraine is pushed back all the way to Kiev, and forced to surrender. In the Poznan Conference, Ukraine loses Volhynia and East Galicia to Poland, Subcarpathia to Hungary, Bukovina, Bessarabia and territories held by Moldova to Romania, and Crimea gained independence from the treaty. From this defeat came a victory in the espionage department, however, as a spy for the Ukrainian government managed to infiltrate the Hungarian military and take samples of the non-radioactive uranium, discovered by Hungary and Slovakia in 2025.

2049-2081: Silent Regrowth and Eastern European Domination

During the period after the Eastern European Crisis, Ukraine is very much so acting behind the shadows. It remained largely silent, and only spoke once throughout the first 4 episodes of Season 2, only addressing the Uranium. During the Great Chinese Restoration, Ukraine was not struck by communist revolt, possibly due to the fact that the people had taken the government for granted at that point. This allowed Ukraine to be better off than their European rivals, due to the fact that they didn't suffer the strains on the economy due to war. A year after the end of the Great Chinese Restoration, Ukraine declared war on Poland. Poland immediately called in their Intermarium allies and thus began the Ukrainian War of Aggression. In this war, the Tallinn Covenant declared war on the Intermarium, which weakened the alliance, with Poland losing land to Livonia and Germany, and Romania losing land to Bulgaria. Ukraine was able to push the Intermarium forces back to the point of capitulation. However, Ukraine ends the war by breaking Hungary's spirit, using the Uranium found by the spy to create a nuclear bomb, and dropping it on Bratislava. Ukraine also gained several puppet states in the Caucasus due to rebellions in the then-Russian controlled region. Ukraine annexed their pre-2040 border from Romania, as well as the rest of the region of Moldavia, as well as North Dobruja. Ukraine also annexed the pre-2040 border from Poland, as well as the remaining areas of Galicia-Lodomeria, and completely annexing Slovakia.

2081-2100: Great Power Status and Continued Expansion

After gaining huge masses of land in the Treaty of Kiev, Ukraine became a European Major Power. It had gained revenge on its enemies, Poland and Romania, and had now secured nuclear weaponry. In 2090, it invaded Georgia and Chechnya, and installed puppet states in both nations. Straight after this minor expansion, the Bulgarian Restoration happens. Ukraine intervenes as a third side to the war, but fails to advance strongly, as Bulgaria makes peace with Illyria, North Macedonia and Greece, and turns the tide of the war by asking Romania for help. After this, a period of relative silence happened again, up until the breakout of World War Three.

2100-2111: World War Three

Ukraine began World War Three with not much frontline movement, but then, according to dialogue, after Azerbaijan invaded Chechnya due to what was thought to be a lot of troops at the border, "had helped him set a trap" for Poland and Belarus, attacking the two countries in a surprise invasion in early 2101. Both countries fell the following year. Not much happened for the next 4 years, until the Accord attempted to get Ukraine on their side, which succeeded. The two forces pushed the Covenant back, until France was able to convince Germany, his former ally to "come back to him". Ukraine backstabbed the Concord, allying with the Covenant, due to the previous plan that Livonia (then the National Alliance) and Ukraine had came up with. This shocked the Concord, until Ukraine and the members of the Covenant betrayed Livonia again (yes, really), and caused the Livonians to capitulate. After this, Ukraine officially annexed the territories of the capitulated Poland, Belarus, Livonia, and the Ukrainian puppet states of the Caucasus, creating the Ukrainian Empire. Due to a Concord war tactic, Czechia willingly gave themselves up to Ukrainian invasion to distract Covenant forces, taking down Ukrainian allies Portugal and Italy, but losing Czechia. After this, Ukraine invades Hungary, annexing the entirety of Hungary. The government escaped to Austria, however. Then, Ukraine focuses on Germany, reaching Berlin, but Russia intervenes, stating that neutrality has served him no good in trying to mend his reputation. In response, Ukraine fires a nuke at Moscow, devastating the city, and killing off the Russian Federation. The international community reacted to this by declaring war on Ukraine, and with Finland realizing that he had made a massive mistake allying Ukraine, and immediately switched sides. The allied forces pushed Ukraine back to Kiev, liberating Hungary and Slovakia, as well as Moldova, who had been one of Ukraine's first targets. When the allies continued pushing into Ukrainian territories, Ukrainian forces were to move back to Kiev, to defend the capital. This made the advances extremely easy, and would prevent the allied forces from forcing Ukraine to capitulate. Ukraine had also prepared nuclear warheads and had trained them on important allied countries, which meant that Ukraine would have been able to push the allies back, if the members of the allied coalition were to be nuked by Ukraine. France had originally voluntarily stepped forward to destroy Kiev, and in the process, be destroyed by Ukraine. However, when France went to confront Ukraine, and to launch the warhead, Germany intervened, nuking Kiev instead of France. Ukraine retaliated by nuking Berlin. However, due to the damage caused by the nuking, the end of the Ukrainian Empire came forth, ending an era of Europe that ripped the continent apart for nearly a century.


Ukraine is a very will-driven and cunning character. He does not care about anybody else, and he wishes for vengeance on the nations that stripped him of possible major status, as told by Livonia in the first conversation of the second part of the Finale (Endgame)[1], "A burning passion, a hatred, almost. Something that has been bottled up since your founding, something if harnessed could be incredibly powerful." In this sequence, we see that he desires revenge over nations that have held back his potential. He ultimately is quite narcissistic as well, as seen by his merciless murders of Rostov-On-Don, Moldova, Slovakia, Georgia, Chechnya, Poland, Belarus, Livonia, Czechia, and Germany. He does not have a soft spot either, and would stop at nothing to accomplish what he wanted, such as the attempted murder of the Polish Prime Minister, and the betrayal of Livonia.


  • Episode 1 - This... this is distasteful. My future shall be mine, and mine alone.
  • Episode 1 - No longer shall we be bound to the will of other countries. We'll show them we're not toys to be played with. We shall form our own destiny. Future. Legacy. And it starts here.
  • Episode 5 - Welp, it's time. One gunshot will determine whether or not the Ukrainian Empire is destined for glory...or destined to fail.
  • Episode 6 - What have I done wrong? Is it my arrogance? My foolishness? My reclusiveness? I have too many questions, and no answers at all...
  • Episode 6 - What is that? ... This...this could change everything. I may have lost today, but this is only the start. This Uranium will be my key to domination.
  • Season 2 Trailer - I made this mistake before, my confidence enlightens me and blinds me at the same time. My loss has only made me smarter. They will rue the day they messed with me. And, of course, if they do pose a problem...I can bomb them to hell and back.
  • Episode 7 - This Uranium...I still don't completely understand it. But now I can use it, and that's all I care about. The possibilities...I can do so much. They'll all pay for what they've done.
  • Episode 9 - Europe is really starting to heat up. Whatever happens, I have to stay neutral, so I can attack while they're recovering. Finally, I'll have my redemption.
  • Episode 11 - I'm not driven by a desire for glory. Not anymore. I'm driven by a lust for revenge. They'll pay, they must. And thanks to Hungary, they most certainly will.
  • Episode 12 - I've been thinking, Hungary, I ought to repay you for everything you've done for me. And everything you've done against me. You know what your reward will be? You get to bear witness to my latest creation. It would've never been possible without your Uranium. Trust me when I say you will be both impressed and in horror of my invention. It will make you feel more pain than you've ever experienced. The sight of the ruined city will destroy you, it will corrupt you.
  • Episode 12 - This is how. Goodbye, Slovakia.
  • Episode 17 - ...Europe is now in flames. This is my chance. They've all wronged me. It's about time I returned the favor. It's about time for a new order in the world. The Ukrainian dream is finally being realized. This is going to be beautiful.
  • Finale Part 1 - Shhh, it's going to be all right. I'm not sparing you this time, consider me your liberator from your tragedy of a life.
  • Finale Part 2 - Gladly, Livonia. Although, there is something I would like to discuss with you first. Before we begin, I believe there is one final obstacle to our plan. You.
  • Finale Part 2 - ...Finally. Forgive me, dear friend, but this was simply your destiny. It was always going to arrive. ...And now, it's here. Or should I say...I am.
  • Finale Part 2 - Look at all of you, weak. Cowering in fear of me. This...this is how it always should've been. And this is how it's going to stay.
  • Finale Part 2 - ...This...this is a surprise. You'll pay for that...Germany.