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U.I.M.C (former name I.D.U.M) is an international mapping community that has observed growth in 2 months due to high advertisement around discord mapping community. the owner Tunisian Mapper is a council member at United Mapping District and semi-rivals with Axis Mapper. the server has passed with some inactivity issues and members leaving and coming back. ut recently contests are being held by the owner, and elections started, on the way to become a large community.

Constitution of U.I.M.C:

  1. -Use #spam for spam. Don't spam anywhere else.

-Use the correct channels.

  1. -Don't post anything NSFW.
  2. -Don't post random shits in the general chat
  3. -No raiding duh
  4. -Don't be toxic. Otherwise you'll just make the server chaotic.
  5. -No racism
  6. -No discrimination
  7. First disobedience : warning

Second disobedience : mute for 5 hours Thrid disobedience : mute for 12 hours Fourth disobedience : A kick Fifth disobedience : ban for 12 hours Sixth disobedience : perma ban

  1. Elected Roles : @UIMC Senates @Police Mods UIMC @Government Member

Unelected Roles : @Superior Leaders (obviously) @Inferior Leaders @United International Mapping Community (community account) @Semi-Administration

  1. Elections of each one will be held when this server reach 75+ members

 Major Allies:

Saharan Kingdom Of Mapping, United Mapping District

Link to Discord: