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This is my fault. I'm sorry, Ardumus. I let you and the others down.
~ United Kingdom, 2100

The United Kingdom is a supporting character in Eradiate's Alternate Future of Europe.


1922-2016: Background

After the World Wars, the United Kingdom lost its vast empire but remained a permanent member of the UNSC and influential nation in global politics.

2016-2030: Indifference

While Graxum dominated European affairs, the United Kingdom remained indifferent towards their expansion.

2031-2040: Coalition

In 2031, the UK formed an anti-Graxum coalition with France, Italy, and Austro-Germania.

2041-2047: World War III

After the invasion of Turkey by Graxum and Russia, the UK along with the coalition declared war against Graxum.

In 2043, the United Kingdom assisted France and Austro-Germania in their invasion of Ardumus, in which they advanced into Northern Aragon and Catalonia before being pushed back. In 2047, as Russia advanced deep into Western Europe, the UK made white peace with Graxum and left the war.

2048-2060: Post-War Period

The United Kingdom engages in an argument with Italy, where the two accuse each other of being cowards for not fighting Graxum. However, the two decide to make an alliance in fear of Graxum and Ardumus.

2061-2090: Between Wars

The UK apologizes to France and offers to form a new alliance, but France rejects the offer and instead pursues its own expansionist interests. In 2062, the UK, Austria, and Italy form an official alliance. In 2078, the UK and Italy discuss offensive plans and the possible reconciliation with France, the latter of which is dismissed as a lost cause. 4 years later when France and Graxum invade Israel and Jordan, the UK hesitantly stays neutral. In 2087, North Germany joins Britain's alliance. 2 years after that, the alliance guarantees the protection of Switzerland, risking war with Graxum.

2091-2101: World War IV

After the invasion of Switzerland, Britain and its allies declare war on Graxum and the French Empire.

The UK plans a second D-Day invasion and objects to Eurasian-German advances in Bavaria. The UK seems to want control over their allies' actions and is mostly afraid to act, expressing preference for a more coordinated attack. In 2093 during the invasion of Italy, Britain finally decides to invade Normandy. The invasion isn't as successful as expected, but the UK is still able to occupy Normandy and Brittany and are close to Paris by 2095. However, after the exit of Eurasia from the war, Britain is pushed back in 2097. In 2099, Britain tries to persuade France to switch sides, but to no avail. In 2100, Britain is finally forced to retreat from Northern France and is given the cure for death by Ardumus. After Ardumus' surrender, Britain remains alone in a situation reminiscent of World War II.


The United Kingdom is the only country that opposed Graxum in WW3 and WW4.