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Hey there, it's Caesar

Hey there, I'm TheDarkBomber, more commonly known as Caesar. I'm an administrator for The Mapping Wiki. This means I regularly patrol the wiki to prevent bad edits to articles. In addition to that, I'm also the tech guy around here, which means I deal with configuring aspects of the site to provide a good user experience for everyone, as well as help with the templates and modules that this wiki is home to.

About my bot

On this wiki, I use a bot known as "TMWbot", which as the name implies, is a bot for The Mapping Wiki. This bot is not like a Discord Bot, since it doesn't run all the time accepting commands from users. Instead, it carries out a set of monotonous tasks on a lot of pages according to my command. One of the most common things it will do is fix typos. However, it can do so much more, such as recategorisation, which can go as far as renaming categories to deleting them.

Contact me

Since I am an administrator here, it is my duty to assist users. That being said, if you require assistance from me, please do not hesitate to use the links below.