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The fact that people think I raid because I hate mapping is ridiculous. The reason why I raid is to help purify the challenged people in Mapperdonia.

Josh (born September 18, 2003), more commonly known by his mapping aliases Venant Mapping and formerly Canaan Mapping, is a Kiwi mapper and raider. Venant has had several channels across his history that began in early 2017.

Although Venant's channel is relatively large, he is more commonly known in Mapperdonia for his raiding and trolling activities. Venant is unpopular throughout the majority of Mapperdonia, yet is revered among chads and ironic anti-mappers. He is also known as Canaan

Mapping History

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Venant started his first YouTube Mapping channel in early 2017 being inspired by Serbian Mapping but lost touch in late 2017. He came back early 2018 gain as Venant. He switched to Canaan in August 2018 but then switched back to Venant after deleting his YouTube channel Canaan as a meme. Throughout Venants mapping history he has always had the goal to improve as a mapper and he wanted to be able to inspire other mappers. Currently he has inspired the likes of many mobile mappers and Burgenti. Venant also is one of the most trending edgy mappers. He has also gained praise from Poisonous Mapping, Imperialis, and Ankhor.

Community History


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Venant acquired The Mapping HuntThe Mapping Roleplay, and The Mapping School for $5 each. Along with his personal server, he created a network centralized around his leadership commonly referred to as the Venant Empire. This was all in 2018 era of Venant where he had a push to own a large amount of mapping servers. However Venant realised that, that was dumb and stupid.

At another stage in Venants purchasing era of servers, he had traded servers with T Series Mapping for the old server of Mapping Stash. In Venant fashion, he then raided his own server for the "memes"

Venant now also hosts his own competition called The Official Mapping Competition which is in its 1st season.

Grand Mapper

Venant has competed in 2 Grand Mapper Tournaments and came close to winning the first ever Grand Mapper. He got voted out by an immunity to come 6th place. In the second Grand Mapper Venant (Canaan) would get voted out again because of an immunity block. Canaan had screwed his union over as a meme but people overreacted and tried voting him out.

The Mapping Society

Venant is the Leader of the Nationalist party after he left the original Union Party. Venant has been a vice president, Senator, President and even a dictator for a short amount of time. Venants Party has been the most dominant of the course of the history of TMS and it is closely followed by the Union Party. Venant has been involved in many crisis of the sever such as the First Uprising and the Civil War. Venant Has been president for 2 terms. He has been vice president for Burgenti and Royal for 1 term each. he has also been senate 1 time.

Connections to Burgenti and Political Rise

Venant's early political rise was on Burgenti's ex former server. He was a part of the Senate and then Promoted to vice president under Burgenti. Although time around these times are outdated Venant helped Burgenti stop the raider White Fang by raiding his server. This led to Venant and Burgenti's accounts be termintated.

Venant was one of the founding fathers of The Society as he assisted Royal and Burgenti to create the new server for the Society. He was one of the first members in the Union Party. At that time he was also the Vice President. As Venant was he wanted the server to be controlled by a more dominant Party. Thus he created the Nationalist Party. Ever since the creation of this party, Venant hs maintained to dominate the political spectrum of the society. Using sweet cunning strategies to defeat poliitcal opponents Venant has still asserted his dominance today. He rose through the ranks by growing his party consistently and always suing other members of the society to keep them in place and to assert his dominance using controversial methods.

Merge of the Nationalist and Traditional Parties

The controversy of the merge was considered huge by some. Even noe Nationalist members saw this as bad as it runied the history of the party. Luckily however drama made these too parties split back up with Thanos starting civil crisis. During this time the revolution also happened.

Although many have forgotten about the Thanos protests some still view venant as not a suitbale leader. Venant has stated he will try running 1 more time o complete his third terms. He says he will also give the party leader to someone else of his nationalist party to continue his legacy.

Raiding History

Early Raiding Career

Venant was a raider on Discord and has raided and nuked White Fang's Server, the United Mapping District, and Mappers UnionDiarchy plus many more. He stated he raided these servers because he felt no one liked them anyway such as him claiming Bashkir saying "UMD is gay and no one likes it". He has also recently raided the server Community of Mappers, under the alt "Baltia". He has also raided and spammed many servers and he currently holds the record for the biggest organized raid ever against T-Series with 50 members all participating at once.

The Crusaders

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Venant made the raiding group called the crusaders which had raided Muslim servers. Burgenti (A member in the crusaders) was raided by the person called white fang. Venant planned a full-fledged raid with former Junta raiders such as Volatile and some of Venant's Friend including Burgenti. They Raided White Fangs server and completely destroyed every channel every category and banned everyone. In retaliation White Fang got venant's main account disabled but Venant uses his alt instead now.

He deleted the Crusaders because he couldn't be bothered with organizing the server. But a couple days later on The Mapping Society Burgenti turned the republic into a monarchy. Venant with perms started a revolution to stop Burgenti from changing the Republic into a Monarchy.

The Holy Order of The Crusaders

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Recently Venant, made an alt called Canaan and he uses the alt to annoy and spam anti-mappers and bats, he says Canaan is evil and that Venant is good, meaning that combining the 2 means that he will raid for good. He has recently made a server called The Holy Order of The Crusaders, which is a successor to The Crusaders.

Venant then left this server.

Venant is God. Venant is Epic. Venant is Amazing. Heil Venant. HeilTSM.

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