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Victory is the prologue episode of the series Pax Americana by Korean Mapping.



Russia is speaking to China, saying that they should be the ones to rule the world. China agrees, saying that the "western pigs" will pay for their betrayal.

The United States of America notes that the world moves so fast, noting recent process on Mars. The United Kingdom agrees. America recognizes one roadblock, that being Russia.


China asks Russia if they are read for this. Russia says that they are, and Russia declares war on Ukraine. America says that this has crossed the line. World War Three has begun.


The west is losing. The United Kingdom suggests making peace, but America rejects this, saying "victory or death". They say they think they will do just fine, as India joins the war on the side of the west.


The East is losing, and all of their allies have been kicked out of the Western Hemisphere. Russia perseveres, saying that they can still win. They try to confirm that China is still with them, right when China changes sides.


The East is losing even more now, with them having been kicked out of Africa, Oceania, Southeast Asia, and most of Europe at this point. The three countries left on Russia's side are Iran, Turkmenistan, and Russia itself. They ask China of their betrayal, and China says they "had it coming from the start". America thanks China for their help. Russia is still shook, and China calls Russia an artifact, and that Russia's age "is over". Russia says they hate China.


Russia only controls a small circle of land surrounding Moscow. Their last words are:

They say that death cursed humanity. But in reality... it blessed them.
~ Russia